Visual Poetry


This section was opened in October, 2003, and it continues to grow.  Most  images on these pages are haiga. A few will simply be graphics.  Guest works are included on this first page. 

Haiga is the name for traditional Japanese art forms composed of brush painting and calligraphy of haiku poetry. Modern Haiga is also done on graphics, paintings or photographs.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. All images are copyrighted.

Tankart is in a similar form as a haiga, but with a tanka as text rather than haiku. 

Do not copy the images. If you have special interest in an image  contact me. If the artist has a website , contact information will be there. My email address is on my home page. Page three is for non-haiga graphics and photographs. 

                           My Images

  pali_haiga2.jpg (47497 bytes)                    midnight_haiga2.jpg (48960 bytes)
  Oregon Literary Review 2005        World Haiku Review 2005
Collaboration with soji below

moon_haiga.jpg (96774 bytes)                      mermaid_haiga2.jpg (52018 bytes)
Mindfire 2005                                       Simply Haiku 2006
Also In Oregon Literary Review 2005

                         pris_lostsouls.jpg (27412 bytes)                 

shoulder_haiga.jpg (19056 bytes)                    bed_silence.jpg (35253 bytes)
The two above Haiga  were published in Erosha 2005
Silence also published in The Oregon  Literary Review 2005

                          veil_haiga9.jpg (29780 bytes)     

Three Haiga from Vintage Photos..More, next page.
  dillard_haiga.jpg (32617 bytes)              pensiveflapper_haiga2.jpg (37057 bytes)
 Pensive Flapper One         Pensive Flapper Two
Simply Haiku 2005


.                        pensiveflapper_haiga4.jpg (46796 bytes)


  fall2.jpg (43095 bytes)                      palms_haiga3.jpg (39213 bytes)




Featuring the haiga of Norman Darlington. Click HERE
to visit his website, a very special treat.

darlington_parchedland.jpg (73653 bytes)                               darlington_taj1.jpg (165478 bytes)


Featuring the haiga of Jerry Dreesen. Click HERE for more visual treats on his website.

dreesen_aurora.jpg (53172 bytes)                              dreesen_frog.jpg (45196 bytes)

dreesen_indigo.jpg (55467 bytes)                              dreesen_mousehole.jpg (33269 bytes)




A Special Graphic!

Pris Seeking Pris
       by Robert Wilson 2003



Featuring the haiga of Laryalee Frasier. Unfortunately, we lost Laryalee to cancer. RIP, Laryalee. You're missed.

lary2.jpg (38571 bytes)                    lary1.jpg (41264 bytes)  
origami                                    setting sun

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