Graphics and Photographs

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                                        blackongray.jpg (70284 bytes)  
                                        Black on Grey
          humazoo5.jpg (57421 bytes)                  philip3.jpg (35310 bytes)

          Child of the Forest                        Philip

         howard_haiga4.jpg (40010 bytes)                    hazeleye_npac.jpg (35725 bytes)
This took the Gold in                          Eye Into Yonder
the May 2004 NPAC
Art Competition

         bedroom_collage1.jpg (67304 bytes)                  Yonitree.jpg (86444 bytes)
          Bordello                               Yoni  This took the Bronze
                                                     in the June 2004 NPAC.

       opening_dim1.jpg (44385 bytes)                eyeofthebeholder.jpg (43374 bytes)
          Opening                          Eye of the Beholder


                              louisiana4.jpg (26183 bytes)                   
                          Mardi Gra Days
                         Original Photo by Deborah Bujol

      nightmare3.jpg (31847 bytes)                        forgottendreams7.jpg (37864 bytes)
   Psychedelic Nightmares               Forgotten Dreams                    

         eternalsunshine.jpg (83486 bytes)                     intothenight_2lunamoth.jpg (44319 bytes)
       World of Eternal Sunshine             Soaring

       tangerine2.jpg (56851 bytes)                          Manhattan3_prisinpipe.jpg (94127 bytes)
        outta this world                         Manhattan Pipe Dreams



fogoncharles4.jpg (27440 bytes)                         girlrunning.jpg (56643 bytes)
Fog On The Charles                         Girl Running



helllbent.jpg (91901 bytes)                 hawaii_hand2_effect.jpg (47577 bytes)
Argus                                    Cast In Stone
(mythological creature            Click HERE to read
with seven eyes)                    a poem about this hand!

  concreteangel3.jpg (45828 bytes)                     centralpark2_singer.jpg (38390 bytes)
   Concrete Angel                        Central ParkSinger

glasses.jpg (45536 bytes)                    angelandcross_large.jpg (58324 bytes)
Pieces of Me              Published in The Oregon Review and Mindfire
                                  Based on photos by Sue Baker Wilson


Snow In Florida :) Click HERE          


morning3.jpg (36214 bytes)                             

 prisrose_haiga.jpg (147517 bytes)                              jasmine_haiga.jpg (85987 bytes)

morningmiror.jpg (87773 bytes)                                mirrorrear6.jpg (58997 bytes)
Morning Mirror                                Meeting Myself With Gauguain

blackeyes_collage_final.jpg (38107 bytes)                                    bothsidesnow.jpg (49317 bytes) 
Black Eyes                                               Both Sides Now

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