Haiga Page Ten

kennedyhaiga2.jpg (92815 bytes)                  
Published in Sketchbook 2011  


contemplatinghaiga-priscampbell.jpg (60935 bytes)                 daysendpriscampbell-haiga.jpg (71454 bytes)
Published in Notes From the Gean Fall 2011


PLAYcelebration2-FINAL.jpg (99612 bytes)                  PLAYdaysend-haiga.jpg (63589 bytes)

PLAYdistantbees-haiga.jpg (168613 bytes)                     sandbox_haiga.jpg (91874 bytes)

Above four haiga in the Sept 2011 Sketchbook HERE

Haiga Just Now.jpg (310018 bytes)                         Haiga Cherry Blossom Walk-CampbellSanderson.jpg (493189 bytes)
Haijinx  2011                                  Haigaonline 2011
      Both are collaborations with Geoff Sanderson


NANbuttercup-campbelltalbot.jpg (84232 bytes)                            NANhovers2-haiga.jpg (66529 bytes)
    Collaborations with Nan Talbot
 Published Sketchbook  Spring 2011

CAMPBELLalonenow-campbellsandersonresized.jpg (93697 bytes)                           CAMPBELLdaymoon_haigacampbellsanderson.jpg (97279 bytes)


CAMPBELLsharpcry-campbellsanderson.jpg (87971 bytes)

Above three haiga in collaboration with Geoff Sanderson
        Published Sketchbook  Spring 2011

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GEOFFPUBLISHEDHaiga UncoveringiNKSWEATTEARS.jpg (386816 bytes)               GEOFFPUBLISHEDInkSweatTears-summer2010.jpg (100406 bytes)
      Collaborations with Geoff Sanderson
              Ink Sweat and Tears 2011


GEOFFPUBLISHEDSketchbookHaiga Docked at Last.jpg (261812 bytes)                  

GEOFFSUBMITTEDsketchbookHaiga Restless To Ride.jpg (466591 bytes)                     GEOFFSUBMITTEDsketchbookHaiga Scallop Shells.jpg (486879 bytes)

GEOFFPUBLISHEDSketchbookHaiga Out to Lunch.jpg (365437 bytes)                      GEOFFPUBLISHEDSketchbookHaiga Tucked Under.jpg (564156 bytes)

       Collaborations with Geoff Sanderson
      Above five haiga published in Sketchbook 2011


Tryst-SandersonCampbell.jpg (429985 bytes)                     JAPANearthquakehaiga-campbellsanderson.jpg (118790 bytes)

JAPANthunderhaigachoicetwo-campbellsanderson.jpg (113942 bytes)

Three collaboration with Geoff Sanderson
Sketchbook March 2012

HaigaPrisCampbell_a_lover_s_toast_03.jpg (52125 bytes)                      HaigaPrisCampbell_arms_opening_04.jpg (66745 bytes)


HaigaPrisCampbell_still_claiming_a_friend2.jpg (103806 bytes)                   HaigaPrisCampbell_my_heart_thuds_02.jpg (65180 bytes)  

The above four haiga are published in Sketchbook 2010 (overlooked on earlier pages)

HaigaCampbellSanderson_heart_in_her_pocket_collaborative.jpg (94114 bytes)

Also in that Sketchbook 2010 issue is this collaboration with Geoff Sanderson.

demolitiondayhaiga-CampbellShepard.jpg (201491 bytes)

Published in Urban Journal Charles Christian 2013