Collaborations with Geoff Sanderson

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  advertising3.jpg (292878 bytes)                            Rain Clatters.jpg (442990 bytes)


stepping4_haiga.jpg (50277 bytes)                              Summer Cottage_FINAL.jpg (395988 bytes)


Walls Blur_FINAL.jpg (301335 bytes)             

To view four of our published collaborations in Sketchbook, click HERE

     picnic_haiga.jpg (87219 bytes)                    Unexpected Treasure_FINAL.jpg (316860 bytes)



fishchase_haiga.jpg (89828 bytes)                         Museum Visi_FINALt.jpg (189451 bytes)



An Old Photo_final.jpg (218484 bytes)                              Gulls Cry_FINAL.jpg (350390 bytes)


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