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        angelssong.jpg (39502 bytes)                   fearless_haiga3.jpg (42150 bytes)
World Haiku Review 2005


    spaceman_haiga.jpg (119954 bytes)                 brownangel_haiga3.jpg (48919 bytes)
   Haiku by Allen McGill         La Luciole   Dec 2007

    limo2.jpg (188662 bytes)                   sabrinahunger_haiga4.jpg (75333 bytes)

      More Haiga from Vintage Photos below

ribbons2.jpg (48854 bytes)                     herman_haiga3.jpg (73379 bytes)
Simply Haiku 2005


      shoes.jpg (68092 bytes)                     bayle_haiga.jpg (49337 bytes)
     Simply Haiku 2005

  richard4_haiga.jpg (39681 bytes)                       prisrichardkiss5_haiga.jpg (61719 bytes)



hurricane_haiga2.jpg (114466 bytes)                       weirdtree_haiga9.jpg (120156 bytes)

     bird_haiga.jpg (105567 bytes)                       reeds_haiga.jpg (107689 bytes)

nightflyer_haiga.jpg (14356 bytes)                         strangeflower6_haiga.jpg (43470 bytes)
                                                The Oregon Review

     flowersbysea_haiga.jpg (159449 bytes)                 baby3_haiga.jpeg (39208 bytes)


 weddingdoll_noframehaiga.jpg (143877 bytes)                   daisies4_haiga.jpg (90902 bytes)
                                             The Oregon Review

Click HERE for an animated Haiga.. 

sail_haiga3.jpg (36068 bytes)                  nightfall_haiga4.jpg (60077 bytes)
Simply Haiku 2006

pris_collagehaiga1.jpg (60310 bytes)                    raindrops2_haiga.jpg (31045 bytes)    
                                             Fireweed Journal 2006  


pris_jungle7.jpg (121125 bytes)                      fireflies2.jpg (77400 bytes)
                                       Click HERE to see this with music
                                       Mindfire 2005

glassessky_haiga.jpg (72509 bytes)                      hourglass2_haiga.jpg (40502 bytes)      


halfopen_haiga.jpg (94576 bytes)                       partsofme.jpg (46475 bytes)


morning3.jpeg (36214 bytes)                           reflection2.jpg (35011 bytes)

  wiltedcarnations.jpg (46678 bytes)                         enchantedforrest.jpg (110254 bytes)
                                           Published in Sketchbook Dec 2007


  hovering_haiga.jpg (26122 bytes)                            prisstrolling_gossett.jpeg (62321 bytes)
  World Haiku Review 2006              Haiku by Warren Gossett


  crows_hiaga.jpg (124711 bytes)                                clock_haiga.jpg (93251 bytes)


   midnight_ronpris.jpg (133729 bytes)                              stonebuddha4_haiga.jpg (89609 bytes)
 Collaboration with Ron Moss

pawprints3.jpg (28951 bytes)

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