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SketchbookHaiga Docked at Last.jpg (261812 bytes)
                     SketchbookHaiga Out to Lunch.jpg (365437 bytes)


SketchbookHaiga slicing a path.jpg (42796 bytes)                   SketchbookHaiga Tucked Under.jpg (564156 bytes)

Sketchbook Journal Sept 2010 with Geoff Sanderson

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haigaonlinemoonpie2--haigapriscampbell.jpg (67455 bytes)                 haigaonlinethelast45--haigapriscampbell[4].jpg (47486 bytes)

Haigaonline Summer 2010

Santathaiga-priscampbellt.jpg (43958 bytes)

Ink Sweat & Tears-December 2010

EYEShaiga-priscampbell.jpg (103334 bytes)                 BODYPARTShaiga=priscampbell.jpg (67655 bytes)

Published in Sketchbook  December 2010 issue

Haiga She Carries.jpg (336050 bytes)                 Haiga She Still Blushes.jpg (403130 bytes)

These above haiga with Geoff Sanderson are also in the December Issue of Sketchbook HERE 

Look in the index for a collaboration with Mike Keville.

A haiga in the March 2011 issue of Haijinx is  HERE (it's the second one down, a collaboration with Geoff Sanderson) and a haiku  is in the same issue HERE.

DOLLcastingaspell-priscampbell.jpg (183192 bytes)                     DOLLgoingunder-priscampbell.jpg (114848 bytes)
Doll Casting Spell                    Doll Going Under

Both graphics published in Guerilla Pamphlets 2011

voiceleshaiga-priscampbell.jpg (59390 bytes)

In Ink Sweat & Tears April 2011

HAIJINXspring2011dontcaretohang-haiga.jpg (64632 bytes)
Collaboration with Geoff Sanderson
Haijinx  Spring 2011

Sketchbook2011PLAYcelebration2-FINAL.jpg (99612 bytes)                  Sketchbook2011PLAYdaysend-haiga.jpg (63589 bytes)


Sketchbook2011PLAYdistantbees-haiga.jpg (168613 bytes)                   Sketchbook2011PLAYsandboxone_haiga.jpg (91874 bytes)

Above four haiga published in Sketchbook 2011


  memoriesemerge-haigapriscampbell.jpg (61413 bytes)

published in cattails December 2013


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 Sketchbooksummer-mikebutterflyprismike-haiga.jpg (73396 bytes)                            Sletchbooksummer2010-prisinweb-haigawithmike.jpg (82774 bytes)

Sketchbook Summer 2010  with Mike Keville

InkSweatTears-summer2010.jpg (100406 bytes)

Ink Sweat & Tears Summer 2010 with Geoff Sanderson

INKSWEATbabyseaturles-haigapriscampbell.jpg (71496 bytes)
Ink Sweat & Tears 2011

ClassReunion-CampbellSanderson.jpg (497060 bytes)                            WateredDown-campbellsanderson.jpg (359523 bytes)

Sketchbook  Oct Sept 2010 with Geoff Sanderson

riverhaiga-priscampbell.jpg (73323 bytes)

Ink Sweat & Tears 2011

GEANbending-campbellsanderson.jpg (406453 bytes)                                    GEANHaigaTwo Old Sheep.jpg (316872 bytes)

gEANsummercabin-campbellsanderson.jpg (378412 bytes)

Above three haiga are in From the Gean ,with Geoff Sanderson  December Issue 2010

CAMPBELLHAIGAONLINE2011atthepeakhaigag.jpg (77017 bytes)                              CAMPBELLHAIGAONLINEembracinghim-haigapriscampbell.jpg (162136 bytes)
Above two in Haigaonline 2011 but different issues


sosilentcolor-campbellclunk.jpg (92591 bytes)                           shoelessandfreecolor-campbellclunk.jpg (103780 bytes)


dolphisfollowcolor-campbellclunk.JPG (85111 bytes)

Above three published under Family Collaborations in Haigaonline. My husband took the photos while part of a convoy of charter boats leaving Nassau returning to Canada for the season (he went only to Norfolk), but traced some of the steps I took in my much more leisurely trip on my 22 footer in 1977

eyeshaiga-priscampbell-extrabord.jpg (74274 bytes)                       almostdawn-priscampbell.jpg (45207 bytes)

In Notes From the Gean March 2011
(This URL may have changed since the journal was revised)


NFTG2011contemplatinghaiga-priscampbell.jpg (60935 bytes)                        NFTG2011daysendpriscampbell-haiga.jpg (71454 bytes)

In Notes From the Gean, 2011

HUNDREDGOURDSoldmenhaiga-priscampbell.jpg (37250 bytes)                 HUNDREDGOURDStojointhedinosaurs--priscampbellhaigaFINAL.jpg (50808 bytes)

published in A Hundred Gourds Spring issue 2014