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haigaonline2012borderliliesr-haigapriscampbell.jpg (47442 bytes)                     haigaonline2012creakingflooboards-haigapriscampbell.jpg (110439 bytes)


haigaonline2012mykeelscrapes-haigapriscampbell.jpg (42002 bytes)                      haigaonline2012noyes-haigapriscampbell.jpg (126431 bytes)


haigaonline2012thatsecret-haigapriscampbell.jpg (74251 bytes)

The above five haiga in Haigaonline Fall 2012


DUCKSdappledreeds-haiga.jpg (129386 bytes)               DUCKSrippledwater-haiga.jpg (105289 bytes)                     
July 2012 One Hundred Gourds
with James Owen Shepard


HUNDREDGOURDSDECchilledwind-priscampbellhaiga.jpg (53132 bytes)                  HUNDREDGOURDSDECplumblossoms-haigapriscampbel.jpg (99404 bytes)

Published in One Hundred Gourds Dec 2013



Drawing by Ron Moss to create a haiga with my haiku,
published in A Hundred Gourds, Dec 2013

FailedHaikuonefall2015-11-28 12.36.39.jpg (281719 bytes)                    FailedHaikuonefall2015-12-19 10.39.45.jpg (116217 bytes)

Published in Failed Haiku Journal December 2015


onehundredgroursfall2015-09-09 07.33.36.jpg (65813 bytes)

Published in One Hundred Gourds fall 2015

FailedHaikuApril2016.jpg (451932 bytes)

                                                   Failed HaikuApriltwo2016.jpg (238075 bytes)

Above two in Failed Haiku April 1 2016




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DESERTdesertsandhaiga-campbellshepard.jpg (123155 bytes)             autumnchill-campbellshepard.jpg (92631 bytes)

one hundred gourds Sept 2012
Collaboration with James Owen Shepard

  JAMESgoldfinchhaiga-campbellshepardcorrectedspelling.jpg (255105 bytes)



JAMEScrackhaiga-campbellshepard.jpg (176064 bytes)

Collaboration with James Owen Shepard
Spring Issue Haigaonline 2012



haigaonlinefall2013nocashblkwht-campbellshepard.jpg (91983 bytes)                  haigaonlinefall2013rumpledbed-campbellshepardhaiga.jpg (48061 bytes)

haigaonlinefall2013trollysclatterblkwhite-campbellshepard.jpg (118830 bytes)

Haigaonline Fall 2013
collaboration with James Owen Shepard

cattails2015headinghome-priscampbelle.jpg (105814 bytes)

Published in cattails May 201

FailedHaikutwoJan20162016-01-23 12.47.03.png (1754357 bytes)


FailedfhaikutwoJan20152016-01-17 15.31.41.png (3797174 bytes)

The above two republished in Failed Haiku Jan 2016

SkylarkJan20162013-10-12 16.30.48.jpg (856360 bytes)

Published in Skylark Spring 2016