Stone Water

Long, long ago, in the year
Two thousand and fifty four
there lived a magician who dwelt
inside the flame atop the torch
of the Statue of Liberty.

He dreamed of inventing a magic hand
which would turn everything it touched
to gold. He laboured for a hundred years,
and at last his hand was finished.
But when the great day came
and he tested his magic hand,
it just turned everything to stone!

The magician was so disgusted
he threw the hand out of the window..
................... and it fell into
the Atlantic Ocean,
which it immediately turned to stone.
And of course, all the other oceans,
being interconnected,
also turned to stone.

Then all the poets
in all the countries
in all the World
met in the middle of
the Atlantic stone ocean,
and began declaiming verses.
Then they criticised
each others' verses,
and pretty soon, of course,
they began to argue and fight,
until there was a blood-bath
and they all killed each other.

Then the rest of the world
wept salt tears, to such an
extent that they filled-up
all the stone oceans,
and things went back to
normal again; except that
the world was a duller place,
without the poets.

However, people found that
their their internet connections
were much faster, without
poets clogging-up the web
with their effusions.

The moral of my story?
If you desire true Broadband,
get a magic stone-hand
and dip it in the ocean.

Geoff Sanderson