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Daphne: Copyrighted by Itzhak BenArieh
Used with permission


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Many direct journal links are on the recent or featured poems and haiga page as well as in BIO and BOOKS. I don't attempt to add all links and only do this periodically beginning in 2009. Journals don't always archive or don't keep poems/interviews/haiga on the same link so the links become dated very quickly. I've been publishing since 2002 and would estimate that it would be hard to find archived links for probably 2/3's of the publications. Print publications, needless to say, can't be archived.

 I've not added new poems to my site since 2015 due to injuries that make sitting at the computer difficult.

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                                                     Painting: Daphne by Itzhak Ben-Arieh
(painting copyrighted and all rights reserved by the artist.
                                                      Click on his name to visit his site)