Haiku, Cinquain, and Tanka


warm memories
of fingers tangled in hair,
cookies crumbled beneath bare backs,
heart skips

words roar
through open hands
slip into crumpled hearts
the moon dances stories of hope

plopped by the door
our dog whines his goodbye,
your coffee still on the table


wedding photo face down-
daisies dance around
my old veil
your body a granite wall
smiles suicide off its lip


seas roar
tides tease bare toes
fish nibble chaste ankles
jump into the water, they sing
swim free


staining clover
strawberry fields forever
white crosses mark missing footfalls

All of the above published in Short Stuff 2003

bare bones

shadows creepwalk
past headstones
where bones party
waiting for us
to absorb to ground

Published in Short Stuff 2003


shadows dance
on my morning bedspread
two mockingbirds courting

leaves fly
trees bare their limbs
against long-fingered clouds  *

purple ocean
waves roar quietly
towards sunset *

IV drip
throughout the night
gentle rain  *

just the cock's
yellow beak crowing-
barely dawn  *

instant messenger
midnight coffee presses against
my bladder

a praying mantis
motionless in my backyard

dance for me once more
before sunset

the antique kettle sing
to fleeing moths  *

spring planting
a bee sings
in my mouth **

purple skies
campfires flare circled
by swirling skirts **

the owl
hoots hoots hoots
a boot flies through the air! **

(above three published in World Haiku Review**)

(haiku with a * beside them were  published in Simply Haiku. Spring Issue)

at the edge 
of a moonbeam 
a whipperwill's cry 

The above haiku took second place in Moonset's 2007 annual contest

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Untitled short

hearts flicker
when candles melt words
into the night about fires
lit in soft bellies
set free

untitled short

ants line dance
through my front yard
where yesterday's news flutters.

a new sun transforms mud 
from last night's rain into pancakes.

you sigh in a late sleep.
i sip warm tea, waiting.

The above two untitled shorts were published in Short Stuff 2003


nights, when you follow
cloud-coated trails
to the sky,
i mark your wanderings
with fireflies;

glowing breadcrumbs,
to lead you back home
when your journey is done.

Published In Mind Fire


soft in a round tummy
the child sleeps in waves
dreaming itself free

autumn to autumn
the soles of my shoes
are still clean

my dog
coloring the rug gold
with his hair

Untitled Short

time rides the pony express;
riotous down the opening lane
butt sore by day's cease

Memoirs of a Banana

Men creep around,
take my measure,
denigrate my size,
discuss Freud's theory
about penis envy
in loud voices
ad infinitum.

I ignore them.

Women peel me
with gentle hands.
Swallow me
with warm mouths.
I have given my life
many times
for the love
of a good woman.

Once I starred in a movie.
W.C. Fields.
Mae West.
Lord, that woman
adored me.

That was my finest hour!

The Bewitching

shed roofs
in this beach town
sprout wings and soar 
when hurricanes howl, 
tin witches cackling.

The below haiku are part of numerous ones entered into the monthly WHA kukai and remain in their archives. See Shorts II for more.


aches and pains fade
as the crowd rushes in
old-timer's game

sausage for breakfast
just like he made it
Father's Day

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