My Southern Childhood                                                     

(Available on Amazon in print for 9.99 and Kindle 2.99
Published by Nixes Mate Press)

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                        Book Cover

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Our neighborhood                     Vacation Bible School

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On The Tucker Steps                   Sadie Hawkins Dance

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Third Grade friends                       Fifth Birthday with Dee

southernchildhoodthirdgrade.jpg (247536 bytes)                            southernchildhhoodfifthbirdday.jpg (316263 bytes)

Back of band bus after game         My Sugar Water Curls

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Seventh Grade Recess                   Tucker Sandbox

southerchildhoodseventhgrade.jpg (509620 bytes)                             southernchildhoodsandbox.jpg (219762 bytes)

Spend the night party                        Football Game

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 Watermelon Festival              jitterbugging at 8th grade dance

southernchildhoodmisswatermelonfestivalflyer.jpg (310722 bytes)                            southernchildhoodjitterbuggng.jpg (347358 bytes)

Kohler's drug hanging out              Community Center Dance

southernchildhoodkohlers.jpg (373776 bytes)                            mysouthernchildhooddanceone.jpg (403283 bytes)      

Eighth Grade Dance                        Preacher Ferguson

mysouthernchildhooddancetwo.jpg (303627 bytes)                             mysouthernchildhoodpreacherferguson.jpg (1041025 bytes)

Elvis, our hero                             Touch football in Tucker front yard

mysouthernchildhoodelvis.jpg (444584 bytes)                            southernchildhoodTuckerfrontyardfriends.jpg (352969 bytes)


My home                                       Mother, me, cousin Greenville,S.C.

south2frontofhouse.jpg (365041 bytes)                                south2sidewalkphotographer.jpg (393349 bytes)

Bible School Ring Around the Rosie        Grammar School

southern2ringaroundtherosie.jpg (381698 bytes)                                    southern2grammarschool.jpg (225894 bytes)

Jiggs,Johnny,Kathy at h.s. and gym          Before we got uniforms

south2kathyjohnjuggs.jpg (433859 bytes)                                       south2earlyband.jpg (484394 bytes)


Ronald, my first love                          Exploring the woods behind my house (Judy)

Ronaldsouth.jpg (232383 bytes)                                      southernchildhoodjudydam.jpg (1695257 bytes)


Miss America visits the Watermelon Festival    Class four years older at Kohlers Drug

southernchildhoodwithmissamerica.jpg (304583 bytes)                                            =1955juniorclassofficers_kohnersdrugstore.jpg (976901 bytes)


Church Fellowship Group females                 Church Fellowship group camping retreat

1958_Pioneergals_PresbyterianChurdh.jpg (605737 bytes)                                               churchfellowship_retreat3.jpg (80670 bytes)


Grammar school recess                             Building the Elvis fan club clubhouse at Judy's

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Study Hall when I was in eighth grade

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Pris Campbell

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