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(I'm still in the process of listing where poems were published)

The majority of remaining poems don't have the links where they appeared in the journals,  but published poems credit the journal on my webpage. 

Izzy's Dream (Outlaw Poetry Review)

Enemy Lines (Bicycle Review August 2013)

Erosion (Outlaw Poetry Network 2012)

The Haunting of William Lazos  (Poets/Artists 2011)

MIA Lover  (Chiron Review 2011)

My First Ex (Chiron Review 2011)

Sirens (Boxcar Poetry Review, 2010)

Belonging   (Empowerment4Women)

Men of the Cloth  ( The Dead Mule-June 2010)

Nobody's Fool, a Paul Newman poem,  (Rusty Truck and my chap,  Paul Newman Blues)

Randy Old Men (published in Outlaw Poets)

Until Darkness Takes Us  (in Outlaw Poets)

The Other Woman  

God's Messenger

Lilies and Headstones  (Remark Journal)

Afterbirth  (Niederngasse and Empowerment4Women)

Fireflies (longer loading time--includes fractal art)

Roses and Crucifixes*

Of You The Orcas Sing

A Word With Bukowski  (MiPo)

cross town train (Lotus Journal-discontinued and not archived)

Postscript to the Dead

A Better Fairy Tale   (PoetsArtists Journal Dec 2011)

Colorless Rooms (nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2008)

Candlelight and Cake Walks 

 (winner of Boxcar Poetry Peer Review Award May 2007 Issue)

Before (MiPo Publications)

Fallen Angel  (Empowerement4Women)

Lost in Graceland  (From East to West 2009-featured poet)

Timeless (in Guerilla Pamphlets 2010)

Click HERE to see a haiku in motion and HERE for another one.

For graphics, photos or haiga, click HERE for page one of ten pages.

HERE is where I keep some other recent/featured poems. This list was getting too long.

It's impossible to keep up with links to publications, so  as of 2010 I've begun putting some up periodically (and can't guarantee that the journal will archive them for long).. I've been publishing since 2002. Many of those journals have gone under with no archives or changed websites. Some are print. It's too time consuming to search for those still online. At some point I'll need to go through and ferret out bad links from this list, too. I've not yet put in 2011 publications.


November/December 2010 publications:

Three poems are in Ken Again. You can read those HERE.

 A poem in Wild Goose review, The Redheaded Stepchild, two in Outlaw Poetry and  I was also featured in The Nervous Breakdown. My poem is HERE and the interview, HERE. S.A. Griffin, poet/actor and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible for American Poetry, gave one of the editors my name. He looked at my work and sent the invite. Thanks, S.A. 

Gean Tree Journal of short forms is also out! Go to Gean Tree to check it out three haiga with Geoff Sanderson. Each comes up one at the time, so hit 'next' underneath to see all three. A good issue to browse through if you like haiga, haiku, tanka, and more. 

Also, The Red Fez published their journal. Find my poem in it at HERE  You'll also find find poets such as A.D. Winans, Lyn Lifshin, Puma Pearl.

A collaboration with Mary Hillier (art) is in the Blue Fifth Review 

Three poems were in Outlaw Poets  earlier in 2010 (Melt, Resizing Norman, Rape Camp)


My husband and I are in the 'just out' haigaonline. This is the family issue. I used photos he took when he helped convoy a boat from Nassau to Norfolk (they went on to Canada) to create my haiku. He went through many areas quickly that I sailed /motor-sailed more leisurely in my 1977 trip, written about in my book Sea Trails.

My Christmas Eve poem, Snow Globe, was in Blogging Along Tobacco Road
and my Christmas Eve haiga was in Ink Sweat & Tears , both on Christmas Eve day

Spring 2012 poems in The Dead Mule

And last, but not least, a 'self-interview' between Scott Owens and myself about our Nature of Attraction collaboration is in Referential Magazine.


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