Nobody’s Fool

Melanie Griffith is flashing Paul Newman.
He’s over seventy but still hotter than George Clooney.
She flubs the scene to get in a few retakes.
She’s flustered, besides.
It’s not every day a gal gets to flash Paul Newman,
draw pay for it, and not get on Joanne’s bad side.
Paul’s had the chance to fondle a lot of breasts
but he’s no Brad Pitt, dumping Jennifer for Angelina
over a few steamy scenes on the set.
Hollywood’s version of Spin the Bottle.

Joanne’s seventy, too.
He’s in love with an old woman,
but her laugh is still magic.
He loves the way she sighs when he kisses her.

Paul’s nobody’s fool.
If Washington can maintain a flame
for the unknown soldier over all these years,
he can easily do it with Joanne.
She listens to his stories, olds him after a bad dream,
and always reminds him to wear his sunglasses in public
so fans can’t sneak photos of those famous blue eyes.

Pris Campbell

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Art: Cover of Paul Newman Blues, published by Full of Crow press. The book isn't on their website due to computer problems so contact me (email address on home page) if you'd like a copy)