Candlelight and Cake Walks

                                for Tim

The problem with men who rewrite history, 
casting their new role as victim 
of heartless sail-away women,
is their book is too tedious,
spine-burst by sophomoric misdemeanors.

You blame me for that burnt cake years ago, 
but I never offered to help fire the stove. 
We both know if I'd come when you left her 
you'd be hiring troubadours, not force 
feeding me stale, bitter slices of cake 
kept carefully preserved all these years 
in both freezer and heart.

Pris Campbell

Art: The Dance 02: Itzhak Ben-Arieh

Israeli artists Itzhak Ben-Arieh's creations have appeared on my site many times. His work is
always a delight. See more of his work HERE.

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