Recent and Featured Poems Page Two

The problem is...  (Rusty Truck)

Jump Start in Blogging Down Tobacco Road

Four Poems from 2008 with art by Mary Hillier in In The Fray

THE CROWS TRILOGY published in Chiron Press 2010 (print)

Sirens  (Boxcar Poetry Review 2010)

Proper Wife  (Shape of a Box Video Journal, along with 3 other poems)

Unexpected Visitor and Explosion in Rusty Truck (March 2010)

Redemption  (in my book, Hesitant Commitments ,from Lummox Press)

Recent Haiga published in Simply Haiku

Original Sin (nominated for Best of the Net 2009 by Wild Goose Review and from my new book, Sea Trails. Also nominated for a Pushcart Prize for 2009) Published in Wild Goose Review.

Promise  (Durable Goods)

Night Moon (nominated for Best of the Web 2009  and a Pushcart Prize 2009 by Folded Word Press)

Plymouth (appears in Not Your Bitch series in Outside Writers)

Unredeemed Souls  (Sketchbook Journal)

A Sudden Stillness  

Blink   (Main Street Rag)

Slings and Arrows In The Mediterranean  (from my book, Hesitant Commitments)

Freeze Frame 

Discarded Climaxes  (Lummox Press)

Relentless  (Folded World Press)

City of Forgiven Whores  (In The Fray 2008)

The Sunrise Café  (from my book, Hesitant Commitments)

Last Blooms (haiga/music)

Weaver's  Moon (haiga/music)

Like So Much Loose Change
 (in Heavy Bear, along with 2 other poems)

Moonlight Rider    (Main Street Rag)

Red Ones, Blue Ones  (MiPo)

The Trombone Angels (with audio) ( Read on PoetryVLog)

Innocence  (Niederngasse and From East to West)

Out of the Birdcage  (MiPo Digital)

Making  Eve  (Empowerment4Women)

Runaway  (The Cliffs:Soundings)

Child of Stone  (Denver Syntax)

Forgotten   (MEAT-broadsheet by S.A. Griffin)

changeling   (MEAT)

Hard Call   (MiPo)

The Woman Next Door 
(Verse Libre)

Blood of a Rose 

Paleface (Rusty Truck)

Sleet (Wild Goose Review)


Pris Campbell

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