moonless night...
old love letters rest
on my bed
as I dream about him

flowers bloom
by his headstone
this morning
his memory follows me
until dusk

body sagging
I miss the kisses
the rush
of men once so determined
to bed me

tidal surge...
too many moons
to count

The above haiku was commended in the Katikati
annual haiku competition

stars I thought I made up
in childhood

Frogpond haiku Spring Issue 2013


Prune Juice Spring 2013

Submitted but the journal closed briefly and these were discarded by the old editor

night out
over dessert she texts him
a break-up message

tent revival
my dog howls a duet
with the preacher

runaway groom 
the ice maiden weeps
into the punch bowl

Lady Chatterley
under my mattress
teen dreams

Next five accepted for Prune Juice summer 2013

Lothario Blues
he strums the abc's
of her g spot

class reunion 
my first sweetheart's hair
doesn't attend

rabbit hole 
alice works two shifts
to pay the shrink

tent revival
the stray dog howls a duet
with the preacher



Next five haiku (one-line, hokku form and three line )published in Under the Basho, fall 2013

breaking wave pale in the moonlight his legs engulf me

pieces of me everywhere broken mirror

light on the water a sailor's tremulous chanty

night train
my dead uncle punches
tickets to my dreams

the bluebird's last song falls
from the trees


Below published in Kernels premier issue May 2013

haiku section (three)

passing storm... 
the pine tree throws
its own shower

rising gulls 
the surf rushes away
from dawn

a wingtip 
grazes the deepening dusk
untended grave

senryu section (two)

faded bedspread 
we divide our belongings
into yours and mine

fogged mirror almost remembering thirty 












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five months in port
gone past this night--
again, Vietnam

his letters
are beginning to fade
cleaning out day

published in Simply Haiku 2009

Orange Crate to Mars:
a Summer Shisan
composed online June-July 2012
Pris Campbell
Linda Papanicolaou


summer heat
we fly our orange crate
to Mars

these billowing clouds don't look
like Kansas anymore

tap shoes clatter
across a spotlit stage
on tryouts night


sensei's paintbrush pauses
mid-stroke, then. . . the pine!

a full moon
surfs curling waves
onto the wooded shore

up and down the mountain
comes a musky scent of deer


deep in her drawer
the satin and lace
of mother's negligee

our breath steams the window
this sleet glazed day

as their pictures
become available, more
young men lost to war


a branch breaks
in the midnight storm

over the rail fence

a robin's song draws us
out into the yard

published __________________


window shopping 
my reflection tries on dress
after dress

Frogpond Fall 2013


A summer imachi renku

heat lightning
illumines the old meadow...
lowing calves /ken

hesitant steps
returning from the festival /Ricardo

mud caked
floral wellies in odd sizes
can tell so many tales /mary

only a dormouse heard
the safecracker notch numbers /ken

he writes about
love, Proust, orchids
and her flaming hair /Pris

the moon like a comma
that icy night we eloped /sprite

getting old,
''... it groweth cold, and fades away
like morning dew... /Ricardo

The Grateful Dead blare
from purloined school speakers /pris

as time stills
the bard on his couch strains
to hear under-voices /Ricardo

beneath the eagle, a swift
swoops to catch a feather /Mary

this powderpuff
seems pinker in the haze
of a dawn fog /Pris

from under a log
a toad watches the rain /Ken

at Hogwarts
Harry dances widershins
around the Maypole /Ken

where else to lose one's clothes
but in the fleshpots of Vegas? /Ricardo

let's fast forward
forty years of just deserts
to the Faustian deadline /sprite/Mary/Ricardo

electroplating all leaves
an alchemist wind /sprite

be thou this night
a light to my errant path
oh wandering moon /Ken

a rising tide sweeps
more treasures ashore /Pris

Lynxx Journal  Spring 2013

ancient starlight the gnarled oak filled with other worlds

From 'this world', the Haiku Society of America 2013 Members' Anthology. Each member submitting had one haiku selected for this issue: