Photograph: This photo is of me and was taken in a Boston coffee house in Harvard Square in the seventies by a good friend. No flash. Existing light. We'd been walking around taking photographs of people along the Square and came in to warm up. Barbara took the shot spontaneously and I developed it. It remains one of my favorites. When I sent this photo and poem to Barbara and to one other friend whom I've known since 1980, I had these replies. If you read my About Me page, it may put them more into context.

Dearest Pris,
 I love the  poem and am honored that you used the picture.  I too have always loved it, although I don't fancy myself a photographer at all, I do think I can see essence- and believe that picture captures the very essence of you--  and partly because where you were ( spiritually and physically) in that picture what just the right place in time and space.  
I cried when I saw it,  with such a mixture of sad and happy feelings. Sad for the loss of a life we both once had. young,  more full of hope and laughter. Happy for our long standing friendship and meaning and joy we have brought to one another.  What else can we do in this life but bring a bit of joy, comfort and peace to those we encounter......

When I see pictures of you when you were young I see a vulnerability that I don't see any more.  Also, something impish.  I have always thought of you as an incredibly strong woman--all the things you accomplished and the adventures you have had speak of that.  I don't think I could have made it through 13 years with a disabling illness..

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