The Wait

Tom Hanks finds Meg Ryan-
Empire State building

and I think of when you said,
'we make magic together', babe.
Billy Bob Thornton & Hallie Berrie
share ice cream on the stoop

and our old churn, stored in the cellar,
comes to mind.

Movies reel you back to me,
piece by piece. I close my eyes:
You/Richard Gere, kissing
me/Julia Robert appears.

You are the squeak in the leaf
I roll between my fingers each Spring,
the halo of light lingering when
I switch off my lamp, come midnight.
You are the sweat in my gown
and the silence between raindrops
on that beach where you stripped
off my suit and once took me, hard.

Any day now, you will surely
knock at my door and,
kissing my cupped hand,
say, she didn't matter, love;
she never mattered at all

Pris Campbell

Art: Shades of Love in Lavender by Alfred Gockel
      Courtesy of

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