Piercing the Veil

My crystal ball rests on the mantle,
a reminder of endless yesterdays,
hair flying past bare shoulders,
beaded earrings, bartered savagely
from Washington Square peddlers,
clinking in time to sandals slapping
over cobblestone trails.

Gypsy, they called me,
the men who bent to kiss the hem
of my skirt, hands, neck...

My feet now stick to one place,
velcroed by the gravity of lost choices,
sandals tossed to the trash
scarves folded into camphorwood chest
earrings, toys for my neighbor's child.

Yet, nights when the full moon rises
and the raven sings his sweet song
I take my crystal ball into lap
and gaze at the glass, eye to eye,
see the gypsy I once was,
the gypsy I still am.
My gift...
Me returned to myself.
Welcome home, the crystal sighs.

Pris Campbell

Art: The Gift, by Frank Messa

Music:Tranquil, Opus 39, by Anton Diabelli
beautifully synthesized by David Lovell

Frank Messa is an artist whose images intoxicate by their imagery and beauty.. Visit his site for more of his fascinating work.

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