The Goodbye Trilogy


In our last conversation
my eyes were like seawater,
drowning you with unfamiliar love.

your explanation
for leaving

Now I search my mirror nightly,
see no remnants of love;
only retreating footsteps,
the imprint of absence.








Rain soaked,
legs pumping along
angry gray sidewalk,
kiss-off letter
crumpled in one hand,
my wails disappear into
the belly of the woman
selling dead fish.


Vowed Out

You're my ideal woman I'll
love you forever I'll worship at the
alter of your breasts your thighs oh kiss me
again never stop oh yes touch me there I'll fill rooms with 
red roses but they'll fade next to you yes yes do it again will you marry me
I take this woman for better or worse til death do us part so help me god we did
it yes we won't be like all the rest I may be late for dinner tonight yes I took out the garbage
okay so I  forgot our anniversary what's the big deal why do I have to tell you I love you I'm here aren't I where are my socks stop nagging me I'll get it done isn't that dress a little tight on you I liked your hair better longer okay so I stared at her legs what's the big deal it's not like I was trying to make her it's your fault I scream you forget to turn out the lights don't act so neurotic
and now what's wrong I'll never understand women do you
live with the phone to one ear okay okay so I kissed
her a few times so what she treats me a hell of a
lot better than you I'll come back and pick up
the rest of my stuff next week why do
women always want to be friends
stop the waterworks jeeze women
always cry I'll call you go with the
flow nothing lasts forever
get over it!

All poems by
Pris Campbell

Kiss-off published in Short Stuff Journal, May 2003

Artwork: Furthest Thing by Jack Meredith
(cropped portions also used with his
permission. All work copyrighted)
Music: Let The River Run

Jack Meredith is from Avalon Australia where
he experiments with the mix of colour and light
in his wonderful artwork.
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