This and That


every morning you zip on your Lion's suit
roar at creeping drivers
snarl at dawdling waitresses
sharpen your claws in public
practice ferocious growls,
forgetting about walking the yellow brick road
not so very long ago
and that the man in the pointy hat
told you and Dorothy the truth.



Art Lessons

She dabs blue, then red
onto the canvas her monkey 
has dragged through the dirt,
his yesterday toy, now turned into an absurd
painting of poseys.

We giggle secretly into our smocks, 
but being obedient students,
chant 'Monet' (in unison), when asked
who was the greatest French artist,
feed her monkey cheese bits 
and endure her old lady's breath
when she paints over our imitations
of Chagall.

Poetry by Pris Campbell

Both poems will appear in the December 2002
Passage Through August anthology, edited by Jon Bohrn.

Art:  The Manhatter by Stacie Milmeister
used with permission and copyrighted

Music: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

The work of Stacie Milmeister has appeared on my pages before. Her photographs enchant. Be sure to visit her site!

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