After the Rains

You spoke of her
many times in the days before
our first sudden embrace.
Her scarlet blouses... 
the scent of jasmine perfume.

After our first night together
you spoke of her, never.
Did I replace her,
erase that space
that once filled your heart?

As anticipation fueled our days,
and lust kidnapped our nights,
with your many caresses marking 
my body as yours,
misgivings faded.

Until last night, after the rains,
in that moment of mindless oblivion,
you called out her name.

Pris Campbell

Art: ' Dance and the Fury' by Marques Vickers

Music: 'Slow Dance' by David Folsom
(both of the above used with permission)

(Marques Vickers is a California Artist, specializing
in Figurative Contemporary Abstracts, Paintings, Feng
Shui Art, Sculpture, and more.)

For Mike, without whom this poem would not
have been possible

This poem has been published in the November issue
of Limestone Circle 2002

Response Poem by Mike Subritzky

After the Rains  

Forgive me,
as I lie quietly beside you
that unspoken veil drawn
between us,
you bruised and hurt
so very small and afraid...
after the rains.
I see the tears
glisten in the moonlight
and know your pain
this wounded heart of mine
is yet to heal, and feel,
and once again know love.
Forgive me,
that which has ended
and will never be again
still hangs heavy on my soul
but I know that time and you
can mark my heart as your own.
So let me know your tears
and I will share that scarred
and fragile lonely place
and you will teach me to love
after the rains.
(For Pris, may you once again know Sunshine, Strength and Love) 
Mike Subritzky        2001 Judith Rose Collaboration
Mike Subritzky

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