Sun Shift

i have wanted to write
of our days
watching the sun slide
over the bottlebrush out back.

wanted to tell you
how the silence between our kisses
formed shelter from old storms.

wanted to sing you
sweet steamy memories;
your body, hard against mine.

but you have followed the sun.
the earth shifts beneath me
and i cannot write.
my pen lies mute in the dark.

Pris Campbell

Accepted for publication
in Blackmail Press, fall 2002

Art: Samantha by Jack Meredith
Music: Emotions by George Cadero

Hailing from Avalon, Australian, Jack
Meredith's work is full of colour and life.
Samantha is done in pastel on colored
paper. See Jack's site for a broad display of his talent.

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This poem was given the Golden Conch Award by Da Captn , a super poet living boatside in the Bahamas (link to his posting board) Thanks!