I sit up in bed, pillow
propped behind my head
like a golden sunburst.

Your eyes rise above
the horizon of my belly,
mouth offering up gifts
to the morning gods.
One hand traces zigzags
along my thigh. A map, perhaps,
or a hieroglyph of love.

It's been years since
I've lain bare with a man.

You place my hand beneath yours
on my thigh, It's okay, you say,
lower your head again, a lion
resuming his feast, eyelids closing.

Pris Campbell

Art: Lust07 by Itzhak Ben-Arieh
copyrighted and used with permission

Once again, the amazing photographic images of Israeli artist Itzhak Ben-Arieh grace my pages. Click HERE to view more of his diverse work. You won't be disappointed!

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