Wish I May, Wish I Might

Stars wait for no-one.
Bundles of light, 
they hurtle through space,
pay no mortgage,
don't linger in lines,
suffer no confusion over
which dress to wear,
to kiss, to not kiss..

Do stars envy us, I wonder?.
Are they bored with
being wished upon,
always admired from afar,
watching lovers kiss--
or do they desire
lingering embraces, too?

I have been held
under those stars
loved and lost many times,
but nights when the hurt comes,
I wish I could soar 
through the darkness, too.

Pris Campbell

Art: Vision by Richard Baxter
Music: Your Song

Richard Baxter is a gifted Australian artist
whose painting can also be seen with
some of my other poems. A prize-winning
artist, his site is well worth a visit..

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