The Last Song



The last song I wrote
was about you.

I played it in
the crowded
streets of Jerusalem,
sang it to the
great Egyptian pyramids,
danced it in the warm
Sahara sands.

Must I encircle the globe
with music
before you return?

by Pris Campbell
Copyright 8/8/2001

Art: 'The  Musician'  by Marie Louise Eriksen

Music: Elegy for Harp

(Nature, as well as living
in different countries, with
different customs and traditions,
has deeply affected Marie
Louise's artwork)

Life Kiss

I heard you
Your song, word by word
Your music, note by note

My corpse, piece by piece
Scattered along the Nile banks
Waiting for reassembly by Isis

You don't have to encircle the globe
Just give it a life kiss

Mosaad Ghoneim
11 August 2001

There is an art in the arabic culture, 
called correspondence, a poem
against poem, and here it is with no comment
Mosaad: Cairo, Egypt


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