When God Sleeps...

birds skim tomorrow's sea
proving Einstein correct
in his interminable calculations.

Mick Jagger channels Shakespeare 
for broken hearts hanging
in musty caves, hidden
beneath Lover's Leap

Atlantis rises,
reveals long lost secrets.
Was Garbo ever in love?
Did Rhett return to Scarlet?
MM finally tells--
suicide or too many sleeping pills?

You and I clasp hands
claim kisses sent twenty-four 
hour delivery,yesterday.

Pris Campbell
copyright 2001 (revised 2011)

Artwork by OsoTBear
(OstoTBear is both philosopher and gifted artist. He not only paints, but also works with steel and hot glass)

 Music: My Love For You by Ursula Thiem

A version of this poem was published in The Muses Kiss, Summer 2002 .

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