Sea Trails is out! 

Pris Campbell's latest collection of poetry, SEA TRAILS, is now available from Lummox and This 100 page collection details a cruise Pris took in 1977 aboard a 22 foot sloop called Little Adventure, down the east coast from Mass. to Florida. The book includes Log Entries from the trip as well as charts and other interesting tidbits. It also includes poetry from one of the best poets active in the small press and online, to date. Copies are available on the Lummox site for only $15 plus postage and on Amazon. EBook copies are available in PDF format for $7. Email Lummox for more info. If you like to sail, enjoy good poetry, and still wear those vagabond shoes, you'll enjoy this book.

Lummox Press Release
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“We never see things in themselves, only things as they appear to our own particular sensibilities, moods, and associations. Nowhere is that clearer than in poetry, and nowhere in poetry is that clearer than in Pris Campbell’s new book, Sea Trails. Part travelogue and part poetic narrative, the book brilliantly counter-poses poetic revelations of the speaker as she moves from “in love” to “out of love” and prose descriptions of a journey down the American Intracoastal Waterway, including details of the physical workings of the journey and of the landscapes which sustain her. An emotional, sensual, and visceral joy to read.”

~Scott Owens

How interesting to actually see the source of inspiration from which Pris Campbell riffs in this fascinating collection. A master at the construction of tightly woven narratives, her work is like the boat itself upon which the reader sails along beside her on this incredible journey.

Carter Monroe

Pris handed me a one of her pre-release copies yesterday. I'm not a big reader but I love boating. I couldn't put the book down even when my bedtime came. I'm already rereading it and am telling all of my friends they have to read it, too.

Denise Rethersford, long-time boater

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Cover Photographs: Little Adventure moored at her home port, Hull, MA and Pris exiting the East River, past the Twin Towers, heading into New York harbor.

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