Featuring the sizzling photographs and poetry of:

Richard Blanco
Michael Parker
Randall Mann
Charles Jensen
Lee Herrick
John Saynt
Taylor Mali
Jon Bohrn
William Allegrezza
Woody Loverude
Steven Reigns
Geoff Brock

(cover photo: Richard Blanco)

All calendar profits will go to CFIDS research.
Our featured poets have generously donated their time for this project

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What is CFIDS?

Many people think CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome,  is just about being 'tired'. That's one extremely significant symptom, but not nearly the only one. Any day now,  CFIDS will, hopefully,  be  reclassified into the category of neurological/immunological illnesses, rather than 'illness of unknown origin'. It affects concentration, short-term memory, the ability to learn new things, causes dizziness, balance problems and visual problems, such as blurred or double vision. It can also cause  tinnitis, muscular 'roaming' pain, noise sensitivity, sore throats and voice loss, killer headaches, TMJ, difficulty following conversations and that dreaded 'brain fog', to list the main symptoms.

Unfortunately, government agencies have ignored this illness. Barely any funds are available for adequate research. There are no telethons for CFIDS and no celebrities raising money. It's not even taught in most medical schools. It is indeed an illness in much need of support, truly the 'forgotten illness'.

Click HERE to visit the website of the CFIDS Association of America.

Pris Campbell ~ Art Editor
Jenni Russell ~ Poetry Editor
Didi Menendez ~ Graphic Design

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