Thirteen, she sits on the brink of adolescence, passion  beating in anticipation under that  flat chest, crinolines freshly starched and ready for the first day of eight grade. What awaits? True love?  Where will her future take her? Her dreams soar.


only to be dashed as she grows four inches in one year and UGLY DUCKLING...she's now the tall skinny one slumping next to the tall guy in the picture at one of her small town Elvis Presley fan club meetings. wasn't until college that she discovered other girls grew as tall as she did. These were the days of band marches, glee club, writing for the school newspaper, the Ed Sullivan show, driving around the dairy bar on Saturday nights, and incredible innocence!. To the left, the boy kneeling is a doctor now. The girl at the bottom was killed in a car accident her first year out of college. On the right is the female half of our church fellowship group (you'll have to guess which one is our heroine:-)

In a small southern town in those days, social life revolved around the church. Many good friendships made and kept, but time moves on. We left Pageland, our cocoon. Our world spun around, was never the same again..


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