The Personals

Sultry Lady Seeks Sexy Kisser...
Posted the ad last week.
I'm tired of long winded courtships
and go-nowhere love words.

Give me a man who can pucker,
get right down to the feel.
touch, kiss, wet of it all!

Caller number one smelled of old garlic, 
trampled  my toes

The second groped my breasts 
claiming a loss of balance, 
enhanced under stress..

Three?? Braces. 
Do you know how those darn wires can pinch??

Four....kisses smooth as moonlight on water.
A candidate...
til he told me he still lived with mother.

Five. ..
Was he a rotor rooter man in his past life??

The phone rings constantly.
Knocks thud at my door.
This idea has gotten way out of hand.

I'm sliding the dead bolt, 
filling my tub,
unplugging the phone, 
resting tuckered out gums.

Next week a sťance, if able.
Plan---to reincarnate poor, perpetually puckered up Gable

Pris Campbell

Music: Dream Lover by Mariah Carey

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