Pedestals and Pits

Doesn't he think
I've noticed the missing pedestal
as my feet flail,
dangle to reach ground?

Hasn't he discovered
I can hear
the absence of sound
as clearly as the songs
he used to sing?

Can't he see me shiver
from the chill of his words,
bare armed, so unprepared?

I shall dig a deep hole.
Sit in the warm sand.
Avoid pedestals.
Sing my own songs.
And, when he has gone,
gather my courage...
climb out.

Pris Campbell

Accepted for Publication in Blackmail Press,
Summer 2002 edition.

Artwork: Kristy's World by Richard Baxter
Music: Imagewave, an original composition by John Bloise

Richard Baxter is an Australian artist and
photographer whose art astonishes me
with its beauty. The painting, Kristy's World,
took first place in a recent International Art
Competition. Thank you, Richard, for its use!

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