Did I tell you?
That day you
reached into the car
to ever so gently caress my thigh,
I fell in love with you all over again?

Chinese food
A feast meant for Royalty,
spread on a thick white towel
across our bed.
Me in my red dress
You barely clad.
Morsels of food,
fed one to the other
Love rode on those spoonfuls
of shrimp and fried rice
a gift to the other's mouth
You are reticent
Shy, you say.
Afraid love will burn you again
Shun you
Escape from your grasp.
So you hide.....
a balloon filled with unspoken love.

Don't worry,
I will find
and release you.

Pris Campbell
(c) 01/09/2001
Music: Paradise by Jeff Bossett
Graphic Enhancement of bouquet by The Quill of Poets Porch
Trailing Curser Rose by Simply Sylvia

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