On My Side

In my youth,
the Stones told me
time was on my side
and so I thought
our hours together
would stretch
over unseen horizons,
set anchor, hold fast .

This morning as we divided
our old vinyls--
Joplin for me,
Zeppelin for you,
mother's silver by my side,
and your father's clock in the car,
I realized the Stones were wrong.
Our anchor had slipped,
dragging me backwards
across our wake
until the tides took me
and I drowned

Pris Campbell

Art: Neunan's Lake by Keith Tillman
copyrighted and used with permission

Music: Riders of the Storm

Visit Florida photographer Keith Tillman's site for more of his photography. Keith combines nature with the human form in many of his photographs; resulting in unusual, thought-provoking works.