Lunch With Margaret      

Size 40 D's resting
on our fav lunch table,
she dissects
Saturday's date.
'It was THIS big';
arms flung wide.
Tea crashes into
my lap, drips onto floor.

I blush.
Pretend she discusses
the size steak ordered.

'And then he did THAT'.
Harder to stick
with steak story now.
She gestures, demonstrates,
sending fork,
lettuce attached,
to the plate of the
elderly man,
two tables away.

A tornado,
my friend Margaret.

Next week we meet
to discuss Sam.
Her latest..
This time I have
a plan:
Crash helmet
Walkman blaring
1812 Overture into both ears,
earpieces discretely tucked
under helmet.

Pris Campbell

Art: Tea  With Margaret by Cindy Pollock
copyrighted and used with permission


(Cindy paints many unusual
images, inspired, as she says
on her site, by her imagination, 
dreams, and subconscious)

Published in The Dead Mule, a Journal of Southern Literature, December 2001

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