Midnight Madness

Let's imagine
young King Tut reincarnated,
whisked forward through time
by God's almighty hand.

Past the burning bush.

Past men crying
on crosses, in torture
chambers, laid open in war,
like deer after a hunt.

Past grey mounded breasts of human ash
at Salem and Buchenwold, then home again
over the Pyramids in their sad silence,
overlooking the bare feet of dead children
in Palestine and Israel.

Imagine he survived this cruel passage,
wrapped tight in God's angry fist,
only to find himself finally tossed free.

Midnight showing.
Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Would he smile at the irony of his destiny,
go for this second shot at childhood,
sing along with Meatloaf, chant
'don't do it', to Brad
would he sprout wings
and horns, acknowledge
the role of Fallen Angel
as his final fate?

Would he raise robed arms and scepter,
prepare for endless reruns of madness,
accompanied by costumed servants,
in this celluloid version of hell?

Pris Campbell

Poster from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Music: Superheroes from Rocky Horror Picture Show

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