Last Rites

I have often paddled
past my margin of safety,
once fucking a madman
in the lull of a hurricane's howl.

I have splashed eagerly
through baptismal pools, immersing 
myself in sins shed by others,
to sample ungodly fruit.

I have seduced liars,
beggars, rich men, & priests, 
stolen chocolates from
old ladies, and called 
evangelical talk shows just
to rate my last bedded lover.

I do not come seeking 
absolution, confessional wafers 
or prayers for salvation.

My only request is that
I  exit this lifetime 
straddling the lap 
of a warm, lusty man,
muscatel tumbling empty
from one fading hand.

Pris Campbell

Accepted for publication in the Feb/March 2004  issue of Niederngasse Journal.
This poem also took second place in the PBL competition of June 2003.

Artwork: Adam and Eve by Gustaf Klimt from Allposters

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