Indigo Nights

We strolled arm in arm
along indigo shores.

Talked, touched
through indigo nights,
wanting nothing more
than the caresses, secrets,
stories we shared.

Now I grasp air
where we once lay,
your face drawn away
by a change in the tides.

Surely you miss
the stories I told,
still long for the songs 
that I sang.

I dream of wandering naked,
indigo-stained, awaken,
remember you're no longer there.

When will you hear
my calls in the night?
When will your arms fall
from the weight of alone?

Pris Campbell

Artwork: Thought, by Elena Retfalvi
Copyrighted and used with permission

Music: All I want to do is make love to you by Heart

Elena Retfalvi is a Fine Arts photographer with a focus on capturing Human emotions. Her award-winning work has been exhibited worldwide. More information and an on-line gallery can be found at

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