Illusions One and Two


An illusion
within a delusion
he created me--
my not so secret admirer...
he woos with detailed letters
about  glass bottles
discovered in alleys,
his predilection for raspberries,
and, once, described
touching himself
when a funeral procession
passed on his street,
stalked by a crazy woman
waving a white rose.

He said she reminded
him of me.

©Pris Campbell


nowhere man

he pops antacid like a junky
frets over bills he can't pay,
wears down his carpet after midnight
wonders if anyone cares

his wife is out with her lover
the cat just drank his soup
his oldest sticks rings through her nose
and the youngest shaved off her hair

cold water streams from his faucets
his scales tell him he's fat
he tugs on his plastic smiley face
prepares for another day

Pris Campbell

Illusions has been accepted for publication in Verse Libre, summer 2003

No-where Man won the Salty Posting Board Week Three October Challenge 2002. Thank you, Tasha.

Art: The Dangerous Liaison by Magritte
Music: And I Love Her by the Beatles

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