Humorless Men

I told him my dreams
about telephones...
dangling wires, broken connections.

Other times I described dreams about falling.

He recorded my night fantasies faithfully
with a pen given him by State Farm,
never smiled or made comment
about my husband's sudden defection,
didn't cough or shift in his chair,
but seemed determined to save me
through that alarming mountain of notes.

Today, I told him I saw
JFK Junior fly the Big Bopper
to his ultimate gig in the sky.

He crossed one leg, eyes puzzled
by this new twist .

I picked up my purse, walked out,
not having the heart to tell him
he was yesterday's news, too,
or that I'd made a bad joke
and humorless men could never save me.

Pris Campbell

Accepted for publication in  MiPo Weekly Press Jan, 2003

Art: Summer 1982, by Drago Dosen
copyrighted and used with permission

Music: Enchantment

New Zealand artist Drago Dosen has exhibited his work internationally and works in a variety of mediums. Click on his name to view more of his wonderful work.

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