Honey Moon

It was to be
our Hong Kong time
to heal, purge
after the craziness of Nam
and before real time began,
but you blew our cash
on some bar girl in Da Nang
while I paid the rent.

I always think I've forgotten you
until the moon floats
high on hot sleepless nights,
towing flashes of brown
wrapped around white,
as you pumped away
our chance.

Pris Campbell

Artwork: Nude Reclining by Craig Robertson

Published in Lotus Blooms Journal 2002

Music: Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone

California artist Craig Robertson is gifted in many art mediums. Visit his site by clicking on his name above 
 to see more of his wonderful work.

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Below is a screenshot of the poem as published in the online Lotus Blooms Journal, now no longer in existence. They did a beautiful job.