I defy you my lady
I defy,
The arrogant shadow in your eyes
The stubborn color in your lips

Some day, my lady
I'll erase
those hesitated features with my kisses

Your arrogance, my lady
I'll turn it around, tears, sighs and aha's

The castle walls will crumble
under my heart's knocks

The blow of my fertile whisper will heat up your blossoms,
open wide your flowers.

I'll destroy the theater pillars, and kill Romeo
No one but you will remain onstage.

That day, my lady,
you will come to me,
your eyes as clear as the summer sky
your lips as naked as a child's lie

That day, my lady
Our hands will be knitted, without gloves
And walk through the days, nothing stopping us.

Two on the road
through the winter rain, and summer heat
Looking for spring in a little cottage.

Sometimes, we will stop
Only to catch our breath, and some kisses

That day, my lady,
you will rest your head on my shoulder
as your flying hair points to our coming days

Mosaad Ghoneim

Music: Tears on a Rose by Elan Michaels

(Translated from the Arabic, with some assistance
after the basic translation by Pris Campbell. Mosaad
insisted that I credit myself for this very small bit of help)

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