Poetry of Margaret C Rigsby


Thunder and Lightening

I hear the distant sound of thunder
feel the electricity in the air.
Like the electricity,
your voice sends tingles
up and down my spine.
Like the thunder
your distance is more
than a state of mind.
Will our combined
electricity mesh into a blinding
flashing from Heaven to Earth?
Or will the thunder
roll across the distance and
simply disperse?

The king-size bed

I havenít slept under the covers
for months now -
it just seems too damn intimate
to crawl between clean smelling sheets
the way a couple would do.

So I lie on top of the comforter, funny;
I still sleep on one side of the bed,
covering myself with a favorite blanket,
A Christmas gift many years ago.
I donít suck my thumb like Linus though.

I havenít slept under the covers
for months now
and my shrink doesnít even know.


You knocked at the door of my loneliness
meekly, cringing, reluctantly
I let you
Like two beaten and battered souls
we were magnetized
to one another.
the door slammed and bolted long ago,
Incandescent dawn inundating through
as we illuminated
to another sphere...

Stolen moments

We stole moments
like Mama's cookies
when I was a kid,
sneaking away to our secret place
to taste each other's sweet morsels.

Crisp fall afternoons
winds disrobing the oaks
of their multi-colored robes
depositing ourselves
upon natures own blanket.

All poems by Margaret C. Rigsby

Margaret C Rigsby lives in northeastern Alabama where she studied at Calhoun Community College and the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Margaret's poems, articles and stories are widely published in cyberspace as well as other mediums such as anthologies and literary magazines. Margaret is also a consumer and advocate for the mentally ill where she aspires to use her written word against the stigma of mental illness or brain diseases.
Published in: The Burning Flame, NetSister's Newsletter,Pet Loss Grief Support, Rainbow Bridge; The New Dawn: A New Way of Thinking; Poetic Dreamscapes; Words Paint Pictures by J&J Publications; Proteus Literary Magazine; Poetry DownUnder; Lovestories.com; A Writer's Choice Literary Journal; THIS HARD WIND; Mocha Memoirs Electronic Magazine of Short Fiction and Poetry; Arcanum Cafe; Inscriptions; Annapolis Online Forum: Depression & Romance; A Window on my Mind: Poetry and Neurological Disorders; Mind Fire Poetry Journal; "EMOTIONS" LITERARY MAGAZINE; Perspectives: A Mental Health Magazine- Jan-Mar 99; Sonata, malryn magazine for the arts; m.e.stubbs poetry journal, a quarterly; Poetry Magazine; Whispers Online Magazine for Women; PoetWorks Press Anthology, "Portals," and Anthology-on-line.


Artwork: Face by Francisco Goya
Music: Be Still

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