Many Moons

years, fading into decades
love, seeping fast away
hearts, longing for forever
life, passing every day

thoughts, thinking of eternity
eyes, seeing nothing change
hands, grasping for the used to be’s
worlds, turning the wrong way

stars, being born then losing light
comets, burning up too soon
my feet, planted deep in mother earth
my soul, sitting on the moon.



Take a walk with me down this path of life,
Let us hold each other's hand,
Let us climb tomorrow’s mountains, or,
Run through yesterday's sands,

Let us soar in the wind of our hopes and dreams,
And bathe in forgetting seas,
We'll sunbathe in the future's light to come,
And in cool past shadows, sleep,

Let there be no burden we take along,
As we run to the future with glee,
Just remember three words when today is gone,
Tomorrow, you, and me.

What Reminds Me Of You

What reminds me of you

And sunshine...
All the colors of the rainbow...

The wind, the rain,
And the snow...

The bird flying free,
An animal trapped in a cage...

A love song,
And a comedy...
And the smile of a child...

Everything, nothing,
A whisper of a moment past...

You are with me...
Whatever I do, see, or feel,
And I am with you...
In my dreams. 

All poems by Kevin James Rowley ,
Copyright 2002 
Used with Permission

Background: from Martin's World
Music: Do You Remember

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