Poetry of Rae Pater                                                                   


Post Mortem.

Hand cups hand
that cups breast
legs within legs
chest against chest.

Breathing in
the inkwell of night
drawn together
flame ignite

burn to ashes
funeral pyre,
all that remains
carnal desire.

by Rae Pater.

(in loving memory)

The shadow of you
echoes from corners.
Springs unbidden,
falls upon me.
Sidewise glance
the fold of your lips.
Silken tumble 
of soft brown skin,
lit with rose.
Mourn the loss
of babies unborn,
the empty place
where you would have been.
Tread softly
the pathways of memory.

by Rae Pater

The lost Art of Conversation.

Air kisses freeflow
on streams of talk.
and champagne glasses
tinkle, tap dancing
through the hover
of smoke scarves.

Clusters move through the room,
like shoals of bright squid.
They change colour, direction,
with the flick of a Versace hemline.

Eyes flick, glimpse watches,
doors, monitor lizards
of arrival and departure.
Search for sharks,
new waves to catch.

Ensure only shallows
reflect in their eyes.

Nothing's forever,
nothing is deep,
speak empty words
into hollow ears
an echo
is the only sound.

by Rae Pater


Golden brothers
silver sister,
at dawn and dusk 
they meet and whisper.

Swiftly his strength 
she traps
brief the time 
they overlap.

Let the dark
engulf the sky
ignite the stars
and let them fly.

by Rae Pater.

Smiling Up My Sleeve

Look at you walking  there.
Pride in your Gucci loafers
smiling on a leather sunbed tan.

Satisfaction with Armani
captured in the crease of your trousers.

Swiss quartz action
exciting your wrist with its pulsing tingle.

Oh it makes me smile,
grin with contentment,
to see you walking there,
of the trouser leg tucked into your sock.

by Rae Pater

Remove the Scales From My Eyes

scales fall, one by one

Learning to know you
has been a paper chase.

black to grey, blue, white

Cryptic clues
on random snatches of paper.

light drips slowly

today I notice
how much hair you leave in the brush

star shaped cracks

the sound of your coffee swallow
drowns the morning talk show

splinter the dark

after you brush your teeth
your breath still isn't fresh.

illuminating gloom

even in sleep you encroach,
sprawl diagonal

that final clue,
the one that slices bone.

a lipstick pink phone number
in your pocket.

by Rae Pater

Follow West

into the setting sun,
and new horizons

history pulls my heart,
through braids of grass
that westward lean.

We follow over hollow bones
of those who journeyed
long before

Pale buffalo part,
for ghostly wagon trains
on ageless plains

their trails marked
with dry dust
that blows in the wind,

remember us
of long before


from the crumbled stones
of memories walls,

in languid dreams,
that follow west.

by Rae Pater

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Rae Pater has three children and a cat named Gus. She spends far too much time in front of a computer, and her bio needs some serious work.

Has published in:
Takahe, Poetry NZ, Black Bear Review, Maxiís Review, Rearview Quarterly, The Circle Magazine, Millerís Pond, Aesthetica, New Zealand Anthology of Poetry and Prose, When I Was A Child, A Nickelsworth of Dreams, Penwomanship, The Christchurch Press, Wildfire Anthology, Velvet Heat, Whispers of Inspiration Anthology, and Women of the Web.
And online at:
WORDSPACE, MiPo, Ella, Tryst, Moondance, Lotus Blooms, Mind Caviar, Blackmail Press 4,5&8, The Green Tricycle, Peshekee River, Verse Libre, Erosha, Poetic Voices, Triplopia, Reconnaitre, Ancient Heart, and The Muse Apprentice Guild.
She also has work accepted for upcoming publication in anthologies, Three Chord Poems, Mind Mutations,
Rae placed first in the NPAC online poetry competition in January 2004, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Verse Libra Quarterly in 2003, by Erosha in 2004 and by Sun Rising Press in 2005. Rae is currently poetry editor online at Verse Libre Quarterly, and is attending university part-time.

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Photography: New Zealand seaweed
  by Sue Baker Wilson


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