Poetry of Alexandra Ekkelenkamp


(for Pris Campbell)

the woman sits
in the armpit of God

her hand transparent

fondling thin hair
so close to night

breath glistening
on moist leaves

arms spread slowly

she is a swallow
lifting off a brown field

in autumn light



In us she lives
the woman
the rag doll woman
gathering treasures
by the sea side

her body
a rocking ship
in plastic bottles
she passes rain-days

flat feet slapping
with grace
arms carefully bent
her body a ballet
performed for her alone.



in this evening mist
you approach
footsteps soft thuds,
in your hair fish whisper

in your face ecstatic sea

off the pier-edge you
drop plain grey pebbles:
order into chaos
stone returning to itself

your hands joyful moths

night unfolds on your lips
arms embrace lighthouse tower
its halo drawing
your contours on soft white chalk

you feel no contempt for this

your life is dream
you have fins

by Alexandra Ekkelenkamp
(c) 2001

Alexandra's obsession for the written word
began at age five and blossomed when she
was only fourteen. Born in 1982, Alex is of
Dutch origin, with English her second language.
Her poetry is featured in a number of publications.

Music: Loriana by Jose Rafael Cisneros, Classical Guitar

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