(For Pris)

Head down. 
Life's horizons quietly close in. 
The big picture blurs 
as small details assume indescribable importance 
and fragments of memory dissolve. 

The world waits for us to rediscover it. 
Head up 
Full on 
As if to say 
'Been waiting. What kept you?' 

For a blinding blurring brilliant instant 
The horizon rolls back to the sky 
And reveals what we still can be.

by Kit Wilson

This poem was written in celebration
of my first sail after eleven years  of
CFIDS (see my 'about me' page if you
aren't familiar with CFIDS),  the same
illness his wife is improving from.

Thank you, Kit!

Drawing by David Laughlin, a friend
and wonderful artist from the Art
Cabaret Forum. David made this
sketch especially for the
page. Thank you, too, David!

Music: Avalon by Roxy Music

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