Celtic  Nights

For the five calendar changes
since you have passed from this earth,
your footfall travels in creases between lifetimes.
Sacred pilgrimage to your next resurrection,
foretold by the Oran Mor*.

Yet on wild moonbright nights,
when a feather of wind grazes my shoulder
It's you that I feel.
When a moonbeam tickles my ear
it's your voice, speaking of love,
So I sit with the Druids,
hoping to see what they see,
settle for phantom kisses,
until our lifelines again merge.

Pris Campbell
Copyright 9/12/2001

Art: 'Celtic Woman' by Marjolein Kruijt
Music: Mist on the Water by David Folsom

(Marjolein is from the Netherlands. Her
art is inspired by the Celtic and Nature. On her site
you will find paintings, photographs, and more)

* Oran Mor is the Celtic Sacred Song of Creation

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