Catboat In Blue

Redon created me,
splashed me, gaff rigged
in proud pomegranate,
across his blue canvas sea.
Waters swirl over my stern
where my name bobs in gold.

An obscure painting,
known only by few.

But Redon, my love,
my magician with the sensual brushstroke,
the lover who dressed and caressed me,
you vaporized; were called
by sirens to other seas.

You did not take me.

Patrons occasionally shuffle by,
whisper of my rare, windblown beauty,
try to decipher the name on my stern.
Was there a secret love? they wonder.

I sail this sail that will never end,
flutter my pennant to their compliments,
cavort in the dancing waves.
I was his love, his lady, his spark,
my rigging yearns to scream,
but I keep Redon's secret,
as I slice through the cerulean deep.

Pris Campbell

Art: Red Boat With Green Sails by Redon

(I hope Redon will forgive me for the change in colors, but his painting here is not of a catboat--only reminiscent of one. A traditional catboat has no jib. He remains one of my favorite traditional artists, however, known to be loved by catboats all over the world--or so it is rumoured:-)

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