I strip my breasts bare,
Almafi seas shimmering at bikini line,
knowing they watch,
these tourists with sunburned noses
who have never seen a proud breast,
who have only fondled flesh 
imprisoned by bedrooms
or car seats
and no longer remember suckling their mother.

They snap me with Pentax cameras
and think of their album
of cheap thrills
to offer the neighbors
when I am bronze against blue
on a plastic covered page
to touch late into the night.

Pris Campbell

Published in MiPo Quarterly December 2002

(This poem took second place at  the Salty Poetry Board Poem 
of the Month Challenge. September , 2002. and also took third in a MiPo based contest, judged by the President of the South Florida Association of  Poets, October, 2002.)

Art: Tangled Up In by Marques Vickers

Marques Vickers is a California Artist who has previously appeared 
on my pages. His art is vibrant, wild, and exciting. A visit to his site 
is a must!

Music: Septicondio, original music by David Folsom

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